Sheffield celebrates #LoveSheffDay

13 May 2019

The city celebrated Love Sheffield Day in honour of Mayor Magid’s departure from office.

Sheffield Peace Gardens hosted live music, craft stalls, live poetry and much more in an attempt at bringing people together to spread love and appreciation for the vibrant city.

Singer at the event, Jemma Rosenthal, 28, said: “I love this city because there is always such a friendly and happy vibe. I got up on the stage earlier and sang; there are always so many opportunities to get creative in Sheffield.”

Magid Magid, Sheffield’s youngest ever Mayor, finishes his time in office on May 15. As a parting gift, he wanted to give local talents the opportunity to perform. He also encouraged people to use the #LoveSheffDay to share what they love about the city.

Engineering student at The University of Sheffield, Daniel Green, 19, said, “Magid has been such an inspiring leader, it’s so nice to see someone so young in a position of power. He’s so passionate about the city; it makes you love it too.”

Plug nightclub held an after-party in the evening. All of the profits made went towards the Lord Mayors chosen charities: Sheffield Flourish, Sheffield Women’s Counselling Therapy Service and The Unity Gym Project.

Written by Emily Milne

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