Sheffield Mayor speaks out over shocking racist abuse

13 May 2019

Magid Magid was subjected to a tirade of racist abuse during his time as Lord Mayor of Sheffield, he said this afternoon.

Mr Magid  took to twitter to reveal  that during his time as Lord Mayor he kept a “hate-box” full of abusive and hateful letters that were sent to the town hall.

The examples he posted on twitter were too graphic and upsetting to share.

He said: “I’m sharing this as a harsh reminder. A reminder of the hate and intolerance that has penetrated the heart of our communities. A reminder of the difficulties we face in our struggle to build a fairer more equal society.”

Magid became Sheffield’s youngest lord Mayor in 2017 and will be leaving office on Wednesday May 15. He has been praised for his resilience and positivity in office, as well as his abilty to get younger people engaged in politics

Magid has received lots of support online, from people local to Sheffield and all over Britain.

@Greenjennyjones said: “Magid I’m so sorry you had to face this. Can be hard to ignore. love from me in any case!”

@Northern lawyer said: “That’s beyond grim. Someone has sat down and carefully written that. Correctly spelled, apostrophes in the right places, and the vilest hate speech imaginable. Shaming.”

@MattSummerhill said: “Hate has become normalised. Disagreement is healthy, but it has gone past that now. Magid, you have been an inspiration to me and to thousands of others both in Sheffield and outside. Good always wins in the end. Keep smashing it out of the park”

@Adelai05 Said: “No one should be on the receiving end of any hate – let alone something so brutally cruel and racist as that. You have embraced nothing but love and inclusion in your time as our best ever Lord Mayor and I am privileged to have met you (at the Hillsborough memorial service)

@LeppardJ Said: “That breaks my already broken heart (already broken, since I know this type of thing is way too common). I am so sorry that you’ve been subjected to this, and that people will actually go to such a hateful place in their thoughts and/or (heaven forbid) actions.”


Written by Ben Bruce

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