Vandals Destroy Community Kept Garden

A Woodhouse community garden has been vandalised “beyond repair” with flowers being tore up and a fairy home trampled on.

Vandalism on the garden has been ongoing but it was only recently has it become so extreme that the volunteers were forced to stop working on it.

In a matter of few weeks, various flowers were trampled on and others were dug up and stolen. There was a fairy house in the tree, which had its door wrecked and housing damaged.

Kirsty Raynes, who looked after the garden, said: “Sadly due to what seems to be intended damage at the Bus Stop Garden we will not be able to repair the Fairy Garden. This is extremely disappointing as it is there to help and encourage children in being interested in the garden area”.

The ‘Bus Stop Garden’ was overgrown and disused before the group took it over and transformed it. Volunteers work on the garden weekly but the damage is now so much that they are unable to fix it.

It is thought that there were multiple people who damaged the site and residents report a male teenager kicking up the flowers.

Bell Walker, Woodhouse Village resident, said: “What a shame. I was looking at it the other week and thinking how beautiful it is. I’ve taught my three kids to look at the beautiful flowers but not to touch, so then everyone can enjoy them.”

Although the site is badly damaged, the volunteers are still searching for ways that they might be able to restore it. If you would like to help, they meet on church lane at midday on Wednesdays.

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