Worries for stress as exam season begins

13 May 2019

As students as young as six years old begin their end of year exams today we have taken to the streets to find out if this type of examination does more harm than good.

A YouGov survey conducted earlier this year found that over 95% of 230 senior primary school teachers were concerned with the well-being of their students due to pressure from their exams. Further, 93% of these teachers claim that the SATS exams harm the children’s education by narrowing their curriculum.

Oliver James, 30, an academic at the University of Sheffield and former teacher said that “being six or seven years old is far too young to sit your first proper exam because it is far too much pressure for a young kid and school’s meant to be about enjoying it.

Dan Carrol, 44, a professor from University of Sheffield, said “there will be individual difference between students in what they prefer and what they do better.”

Mr Carrol stated that using different forms of testing students such as coursework, exams and oral assessments could lead to students doing better in their education as they will not be limited by a form of examination they are not suited to.

Experts at Hong Kong University state that suicide rates increased by 56% between 2007 and 2016.

Esther Laurence, 24, student at University of Sheffield, said: “Government targets put too much pressure on teachers and that funnels down to the students, leading to a higher risk of them experiencing mental health problems at school.”

Any students experiencing mental health problems in the UK are advised to call the Samaritans on 116 123

Written by Luke Kerin

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