Gleadless community goes green in May

Spring cleaning is in full force in the valley as a programme of ‘green’ events will take place across the month of May.

The ‘Cleaner, Greener, Valley May Action Month’ was organised by Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust alongside other community groups and in collaboration with Sheffield City Council. A range of activities will take place including litter picking, conservation action and gardening sessions.

The area is home to ancient woodlands dating back to the 1400’s and have suffered from a high volume of litter in recent years.

William Fairhead, 61, Project Officer said: “It’s all been messed around with by littering and the cutting down of trees but hopefully they will outlast us all.”

It is not only the community groups who actively push green initiatives, individuals have also organised their own events and networked through social media.

One of these volunteers, Iren Wadsworth, moved from London 18 months ago to Sheffield as she ‘fell in love’ with the ancient woodlands there.

Iren Wadsworth, 50, volunteer said: “I’ve been litter picking most of my adult life and one of the good things about picking on the streets is that people spot you and you get a lot of praise for it and more people get involved.”

She has organised these events on social media which can encourage between five to twenty people getting involved ranging from children to pensioners.

Anyone is welcome to the litter picks, dogs too and they are looking at more ways to getting children involved through collaborating with the local Scouts group.

Iren added: “Some of the weirder items I have found include a Wendy house, blow up dolls and unfortunately a lot of cannabis trimmings and broken heat lamps are occasionally picked up.”

Iren has assisted the Gleadless Valley Wildlife Trust to establish the ‘May Action Month’ and promoted it on social media.

The group hope to inspire the local community to become more environmentally friendly and preserve the unique nature of the area.

Details of the events programme:

Written by Liam Warden

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