Hallam university teams up with Diabetes UK

14 May 2019

Researchers from Sheffield Hallam University have teamed up with Diabetes UK to tackle issues for people with diabetes.

There will be workshops at Sheffield Hallam for people living with type 1 diabetes on the 14th May and type 2 on the 15th May.

Professor at Hallam University, Dr Helen Quirk, has outlined the reason for this study: “Diabetes UK wants to understand the barriers and opportunities for physical activity for people living with diabetes and the health professionals supporting them.

The workshops aim to bring people together to talk about physical activity and come up with ideas about how physical activity opportunities and provision could be made better for people living with diabetes.”

According to Diabetes UK, “7 out of 10 people have felt overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes. But too often, emotional and mental health support is missing from diabetes care”.

Researchers from the centre of sport and exercise science at Sheffield Hallam University are looking for 18-year-olds and over with type one and two diabetes and are finding it challenging to be physically active.

This workshop will involve small group discussions and interactive discussions and brainstorming, which will be recorded by researchers and later destroyed.

Helen Quirk urges people in Sheffield with diabetes to take part in the study: “Through taking part in supportive group discussions you may benefit from additional knowledge about becoming and being physically active whilst living with diabetes.

Your experiences and expert views will help inform future policy and funding to support physical activity for people living with diabetes.”

You will be given a £20 gift voucher as a thank you for taking part. Travel expenses and refreshments will also be provided.

This event will take place at 5.30pm-7.30pm at the Collegiate Campus, Sheffield Hallam University.

Contact h.quirk@shu.ac.uk if you have any concerns or queries.

Written by Sophia Hobbs

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