More support needed for children with parents with life-limiting illnesses

14 May 2019






A call has been made for more support for children suffering parental bereavement in Sheffield.

Dr Rachel Fearnley spoke at The Festival of Debate, on Union Street, in Sheffield today and said that 120 children lose parents everyday in this city.

Dr Rachel Fearnley also said: “I am a very little voice in a very noisy world but we can make a very big difference if we work together and make our voices heard.” and asked the question: “as professionals do we have a role in instigating conversations and start thinking about what we can do to help.”

Dr Fearnley encourages people to start a conversation about the issue and to not suffer in silence and calls to hospitals to offer more training to individuals to create the secure support network needed.

She has released a book called ‘Our Family & IT: exploring the challenges dilemmas and moral obligations of parental life-limiting illnesses’ and invited discussion as to whether as a society, we have a moral obligation to recognise this often ignored social issue.

Research shows that young carers lose a third of a year in education due to bereavement.

Dr Rachel Fearnley said: “I am a very little voice in a very noisy world but if our voices come together we could make a very big difference.”


Written by Lauren Wilkins

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