Rats infestation in Burngreave

14 May 2019


Burngreave has more rats than anywhere in the city, new figures have revealed.

More than 300 calls were made to household pest control from Burngreave over the last year. In Darnall, 240 calls were made and 198 in Manor.

Jess Arrowsmith, 42, lives in Melrose Road and said: “I see rats all the time.  Some in our garden, lots on the walk to school from Melrose road up the footpath to Byron Wood.  I think rats are likely attracted by the amount of food that gets dumped not just litter but sometimes bags full of household waste or what looks like leftover takeaway food by the carrier bag full.”

She added her garden shed has been invaded by rats, with her possessions being chewed up and ruined.

For some residents, this has led to worry about the spread of disease.

Jack Gardener, 44, who lives in Burngreave Road has complained that there are many overloaded rubbish bins.  “I am really concerned about rats’ problem outside my house.  In such a good weather you will definitely see rats.”

Lee Clark, 37, Uber driver, said: “Burngreave is not the good area in Sheffield. You could see many big rats running through especially when weather gets warmer.  I think residents live here must clean up their litter, takeaway food immediately.

City council should take more actions to solve this problem and make the streets cleaner and environment here better.”

The Sheffield city council website says they can deal with all pest control needs, no matter if the residents are a domestic householder, commercial business or house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Trained officers will only apply baits and sprays after assessing the risks involved and according to safe working procedures.

Written by Jiaming Ge

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