More funding needed for cancer charity project in Sheffield

An “inspirational” project dedicated to support cancer sufferers has issued a plea for more funding.

The Cancer Champions project was organised by Sheffield Mind and Sheffield city council and began at the start of May.

Teresa Ravenshaw, 42, springboard recovery programme coordinator in this project, said: “The champions are people who signed up to promote cancer awareness, they are  volunteers basically. It is good to have somebody to share their cancer experience and deliver talks. We are have to have so many proactive, confident and empathetic volunteers.”

She added: “ Actually we lack of funding now. The financial situation is tight for everyone. Luckily it is only a small amount to manage the system to work.”

Robert Opie, founder of this project, said: “ It is really about getting people to talk about cancer. If you got the symptoms, get it tested to make sure that the cancer is caught sooner. The survival rate will be significantly better.”

He continued: “ At cancer champions we have been researching cancer for nearly two decades. We try to help people to conquer and prevent cancers. It has made many people to realize the situation of cancer, and helped them out of the depression.”

Debbie Hunt, a cancer patient who just recovered, said: “ Cancer Champions have really been an inspiration to me through my last 6 months. I am living my new life today. I am so grateful for what they have done. They made me believe that cancer can be conquered.”

The project will last till the end of June. More workshops and talks will be arranged.

Written by Yanwen Wang

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