Litter pickers disappointed with amount of rubbish found in the Peaks

Sheffield’s litter pickers are worried about the Peak District National Park as it is swarming with more rubbish than before.

Many volunteers have voiced a plea for more people to get involved with litter picking after collecting many bags full of rubbish at their annual ‘Pick and Play’ event.

Iren Worth, one of the litter pickers said, “The Peak district is badly affected, mainly by dog poo bag throwers and barbecue makers in popular dog walking and picnic areas.”

The ‘Pick and Play’ event takes place once a year, participants are invited to come along and help clear up the national park and in return receive a series of free outdoor activities as a thank you.

The amount of litter bag collected from the Peaks

Mrs Worth said, “I don’t think anyone would say Sheffield is doing well to combat litter and plastic pollution.”

“There are now 54 Sheffield Litter Picking groups, lots of sole pickers and I’m sure lots that we don’t know about too but this does not get to the root of the problem and stop people from littering.”

Julie Gay, litter picking volunteer said: “Litter picking is rewarding but depressing at the same time.

“We have a good laugh; meet like-minded people, get strange looks, and positive and negative comments.”

Mrs Gay expressed how important it was to clean up the Peak District which has ‘mega problems’ particularly in easy accessible areas, but also in the more isolated moorlands.

The ‘Pick and Play’ event is organised by the outdoor activity company, Peak Mountaineering, who aim to educate people about the issue of littering.

With the issue growing, litter-picking volunteers are encouraging people to join in with this annual event and do their own bit to combat the problem.

“I’d say please join in”, said Mrs Worth.

“You will meet new people, help foster a community spirit, feel immense satisfaction when you see how you have improved your neighbourhood and you get some free exercise and fresh air too.”

If you would like to get involved, you can visit the Peak Mountaineering website for more information at

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