Sheffield mums want to raise awareness on anti-social behaviour among youths

Sheffield mums are campaigning to raise awareness about the rise of anti-social behaviour among youths.

Mums United runs workshops and programmes to support and educate families and young people.

Sahira Irshad, the director of Mums United said: “Violent offences amongst the youth are rising.

“We have a steady stream of youths who have been exploited by older members of gangs. They have lured them into a life of crime and it is our responsibility as mothers to take a stand.”

Their most recent campaign involves running gaming clubs.

Ms Irshad said: “It will be a safe place monitored by mentors. We want them to come to the clubs and interact in a positive way.

“They will also be participating in the workshops that we will set out for them to do so that they are aware of e-safety, social media and how to use these apps in a safe way.”

She added that they will start their Mums United programme on the 28th June. The programme will be delivered by trained mothers and mentors.

Written by Kitty Whitaker

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