Sheffield proposes a commercial plan to improve city centre

Sheffield city council has proposed a new scheme in hopes of creating a more vibrant and employment-friendly city.

Heart of the City II has been built on the success of City I by introducing a greater amount of office and residential space to attract well paid jobs and more people to live in the city centre, which is “seen as a real key to success for the scheme”, Heart of the City II Communication Team said.

The Communication Team also said: “The drive is to bring new entrants to the city, complementing the existing provision but adding in brands that offer something new and distinctive.”

The focus is on bringing in a mix of high street and premium brands as part of the retail, food and drink and leisure offer.”

The biggest shopping mall currently in Sheffield is Meadowhall which is about 3.8 miles away from city centre, City II scheme will fulfil people’s wish on a dynamic and versatile city centre with all sorts of activities.

City II is designed to retain the existing street patterns and heritage buildings and will integrate the Moor as a shopping and leisure destination.

The potential retailers have not been confirmed yet, but the discussions are underway with a number of prospective merchants of various size and the official announcements will be published on social media.

The scheduled completion for the scheme is around 2024.

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