Sheffield Society Rides to Raise Money for their Twin Town Estelí

16 May 2019


Sheffield has been formally twinned with the town of Estelí in Nicaragua since 1984.

To celebrate this friendship, the Sheffield Estelí Society (SES) have been actively supporting Estelí every year by raising money to help them improve their lives.

Jane Woodin, a member of the Sheffield Estelí Society said: “It started because of the Nicaraguan revolution that happened in 1979. And after that, a lot of towns in the United Kingdom and Europe, in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua decided to form town twinnings and Sheffield got twinned Esteli.”

“We even have a street in Sheffield now called Estelí Parade. We got it special named last year in celebration of the twinning and over 30 years of friendship between the two towns.”

Now a new cycle route and riverside path in the heart of Sheffield, Estelí Parade runs along the river Don and stretches from Lady Bridge on the Wicker to the bridge at Millsands.

Last Sunday, the society completed their annual two peaks bike ride and invited riders to help raise funds for environmental, social and human rights projects.

Riders went on three different signed and marshalled rides, setting off from the Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club in Ecclesall Road.

Miss Woodin said: “We have always supported people in Estelí with whatever they’re doing. We have connections with different groups there and fundraise for a range of projects from drinking water to education and arts.”

Another representative from the Sheffield Estelí Society, Peter Clarke said: “People were so interested in bringing attention to the situation in Nicaragua that they persuaded the city council to give them a broader political support and pushed for a formal relationship between the towns.”

The Sheffield society is working to keep the twinning and long-standing friendship with Estelí alive and will continue to work for deeper relations with the people there. 

Written by Ynez Wahab

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