A University of Sheffield 24-Hour Relay Swim raised over £3,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

13 February 2020

A 24-hour marathon swim was launched at the University of Sheffield Swimming and Water Polo club to celebrate the life of a beloved friend, Mathilde Le Toquin, who passed away from cancer in June 2019.

Mathilde was a second-year Biomedical Scientist at the University of Sheffield and she played at the university basketball team. She died of the illness at the age of 21.

Mathilde Le Toquin’s family. Mum, dad and younger brother.

Civil engineering student Ed Saxon, 21, who was a close friend of Mathilde, came up with the idea and collaborated with Rosie Rudin and swim captain Jack Corston to organise the event.

Saxon said: “I know her from home she was a very happy person, nice sweet girl.

“If you met her once you would never forget her. She got on really well with other people around her. It is very nice to have such an event to reflect on fond memories with her family and friends at university.”

Mathilde’s friends including Jack Corston, Ed Saxon and Rosie Rudin

Rosie Rudin, a biomedical science student, 21, who lives in 161d Main St Woodborough said: ‘‘It is amazing seeing everyone from the University participating either by donating online, buying a cake or sweet at the welcoming desk and entering the ruffle.

“All the donated money will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust and the young person unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. This is the hospital where Mathilde was treated’’.

Hundreds of people swam at various times throughout the 24 hour even, from 7.30am to 7.30am the next morning.


Mathilde only completed the first year of her course. In February of her second year, she found out she had cancer and then went to Birmingham for treatment. She is originally from Shropshire.


Written by Amal Abdallah

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