Sheffield company joins battle against Coronavirus by shipping equipment to China

The Sheffield company, JRI, have shipped over 300 boxes of protective equipment to China as the deadly coronavirus spread around the world.

The implant firm has sourced face-masks, safety goggles and disposable medical protective clothing worth more than £60,000 to ease the shortage of equipment in China.

Officer in the Department of marketing, Eleanor Francis, said: “The situation is getting tense since Wuhan lock-down on 23th, Jan. We have formed a special coronavirus emergency response team to manage the donations worth more than £60,000.

“We’ve been preparing these goods since 25th, Jan. The shipment was made to China on 30th, Jan.

“The equipment was distributed and put into use over the following weekend to some charities and hospitals in both Wuhan and Beijing.

“Last week we made another shipment of over 3000 face masks to China.”

Winnie Fang, a member from Sheffield Chinese Community, said: “ I felt quite warm-hearted to see this medical aid. At such a tough point, we human beings must stay together to combat the virus.

“My mum is from Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak. She told me not to come back this year for the Spring Festival.

“In Wuhan, all residents feel intimidated and dare not to go out. I believe the donations will more or less relieve the tension.”

JRI’s parent company AK Medical is one of the world’s largest 3D-printed orthopaedic implant manufacturers.

Written by Yanwen Wang

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