Sheffield University concourse wins international design award.

13 February 2020

By Xingyu Liang

Sheffield University concourse redevelopment has won a top industry award for innovative light and surface materials in architecture and design.

Dan Lister and Keith Lilley from The Estates & Facilities Management Department picked up the award at London’s Business Design Centre this morning.  

Glenn Johnson of CollinsAero said: “Someone has put a lot of time and effort into this design.”

Judges admired the lighting turning the space into a destination for students.

The awards feature an impressive 39 projects across 14 categories in total, from retail and public buildings to commercial projects and housing, including new categories in public realm and affordable housing for 2020. 

Dan Lister expressed his excitement after receiving the award and said: “Very pleased to pick up the award this morning with Keith Lilley.

“Very appropriate to receive a beautiful award made of concrete, for a beautiful concrete structure rediscovered with light.” 

Lister did a presentation called “From space to place: How lighting helped revitalise a University Campus.” This LightTalks session discussed how a bold approach to the brutalist architecture of the University of Sheffield was conceived and delivered. 



Written by Paulina van Bergem

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