Storm Dennis Expected in South Yorkshire This Weekend

13 February 2020

Met office issues a yellow warning for Storm Dennis with strong winds in South Yorkshire this weekend.

The impact will not be as severe as Storm Ciara but will bring widespread winds as strong as 50mph, with gusts of over 60mph possible over hills.
Here is how the storm will develop over the next few days.

Steve Ramsdale, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office said: “Another spell of very wet and windy ​weather is expected for Saturday, although Storm Dennis is currently not expected to be as severe as Ciara disruption is still likely.
“Our confidence in the forecast means we have been able to issue severe weather warnings well in advance, giving people time to prepare for potential impacts of the storm.”

The Met Office also says that Storm Dennis is expected to bring a range of impacts, including delays and cancellations to transport services and damage to power supplies is likely. Winds will remain strong in South Yorkshire during the weekend with sunny, dry spells expected in places.

Sheffield was heavily impacted by storm Ciara last weekend. Here are a few videos which show the damage caused by the previous storm.

Both storms will have a significant negative impact on independent businesses and their trade. A Sheffield bartender said: “Our roof was already leaking, but the storm made it even worse. We are not prepared for Storm Dennis. Hopefully, it will not be as bad as Storm Ciara.”

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Written by Yuliyan Stoyanov

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