Traffic chaos continues as a main road in Sheffield city centre is to remain closed

By Xingyu Liang

Yorkshire Water has announced Charlotte Road could remain closed until tomorrow, two weeks after a major mains burst saw thousands of gallons of water pouring down the carriageway.

The major burst happened around the Queens Road on the A61 on the evening of February 3. 

Residents have expressed their frustration at traffic chaos the closure has caused. 

Muhammad Kayani, who has lived in this area for several years, said: “It is such a long time since the road was closed. It took me three times longer than usual to get to my destination. 

“Yesterday, I went to my friend’s house. I used to go straight through Charlotte Road in the past, but now I have to cross the Queensway to Midhill Road and pass Olive Grove Road.”

Other drivers have also complained that the disruption has affected their daily life due to the traffic chaos.

Mirza ahi Akram, an uber driver from Sheffield, explained that due to the road being closed, he needed to take long detours to the destination. 

He said: “Since Charlotte Road  has been closed, we use Midhill road as an alternative way, but there is always a big traffic queue.

“Every morning or evening I need to wait for half an hour to pass the Queens Road.” 

The Morrison Utility Services (MUS) provides the maintenance water pipe service for Charlotte Street, and has confirmed the road will not reopen until at least February 14.

Bus Services 11, 51 and 41 are diverted via East Bank Road, Duchess Road and Queens Road. Their normal route resumes at the traffic lights at Charlotte Road.


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