Wild goose chase for Sheffield business’s lucky charm

A golden goose that has brought a local business good luck over the last six years has been stolen from its premises in Sheffield.

The sentimental goose that stood on a 20ft high pole outside Arthur’s Skip Hire, based in Neepsend, was stolen in the early hours of the morning on February 5.

Business owner Arthur Hartley, 72, said the goose is his “pride and joy” and of “great sentimental value” to his business.

He explained: “About 6 years ago it came in a skip, and we put it up. Three years later, we moved to Parkwood Road and we took it with us. I put it up on a 20ft pole, but now it has gone missing. Somehow someone has managed to climb a wall and then pull it down.

“People think it is gold or something valuable like brass or copper, that is why they stole it. But it is just personal to me, it is my statement that people know me for.”

Mr Hartley, who started the business in 1994, believes the goose has brought his company good fortune over the last few years.

He said: “Since I put that goose up, the company has been prospering. I am not superstitious or anything, but the business has gone from nowhere to somewhere.

“I started with a small business and now it is a multi-million company and I believe the goose has got something to do with it.”

The story has drawn lots of local attention despite some people believing the story to be a hoax. Mr Hartley said: “I can understand they think it is ‘a wild goose chase’ but it is genuinely been stolen and I would love to get it back.”

Despite having no idea where the goose currently is, Mr Hartley is remaining positive that it can be found. “It is special to me and something I would like to be returned. Hopefully we will be able to get it back, maybe once they realise it is not worth very much.”

If anyone has any information regarding the missing goose, please contact Arthur’s Skip Hire on 01142762425.

Arthur (middle right) hopes someone will return his businesses’ prized golden goose

Written by Fraser Harding

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