Anti-terror barriers set to be put in Sheffield City Centre

The council will spend £5m on anti-terror barriers Barkers Pool, Fargate, Pinstone St, The Moor and Tudor Square.The barriers will resist the force of six-tonne vehicles that could potentially attack pedestrians at Sheffield’s city centre.

Andrew Tallas, 40, said: “There is always a risk so I think it’s a smart thing to do, but it has to be done with the right appearance. In Sheffield we have put sandbags and big things full of water, which doesn’t look good.”

Jess Everett, 23, said: “I don’t think we are in a massive risk at the moment. I just think the money would be better spent elsewhere. I think they will just go around it and come up with something else.”

The council intends to reduce risks despite there are no current threats. Temporary barriers were installed around Sheffield’s Christmas Markets last year as a measure of safety precaution.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service reported that the council is considering different barrier designs, while some test holes have already been dug in Tudor Square.

Mark Best, 65, had similar thoughts: “Putting barriers up will only stop it for a while. If they really want to disrupt Sheffield that badly, they will find another way.”

A Sheffield man who wished not to be named said: “If the protection of the public is the main issue, of course I think it will be beneficial for the city. But we need to look at the reasons why these people want to commit these atrocities. Governments and councils need to spend time on why individuals do that.”

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