Helping the Sheffield homeless survive Storm Dennis

20 February 2020

Sheffield City Council launches scheme to protect rough sleepers ahead of Storm Dennis.

Sheffield City Council, working in collaboration with Sheffield’s Streets Outreach Team, have launched the Weather Watch scheme for rough sleepers.

The scheme offers somewhere safe and warm overnight and is open to anyone at risk of rough sleeping during extreme weather conditions.

Debbie Marsh, re-housing navigator of Roundabout, said: “I think city council did put weather watch on when bad storms were. Under this circumstance, the homeless people could give an accommodation for one or two nights.

“They work closely with organisation called framework. Framework will go out all hours and they will give information. If there some homeless people sleep in really bad weather that even warm weather as well.

“The places like churches will open up and people could go and to get some sleep bags.

“The accommodations could locate anywhere normally like a church or other services where have crash pads. There are quite a lot of emergency accommodation across Sheffield, for example brightmore drive and salvation army. They open to offer crash pads for anybody who is under weather watch.”

Ben Keegan, the CEO of Roundabout, said: “As a roundabout, it doesn’t matter what the weather it is we will find people homeless.

“Debbie will find people and help them get into accommodation. For us, we are just focus on the people under 25. We make sure everyone under 25 gets their beds, it does not matter the weather is bad or good. They still need beds.”

Roundabout and other agencies to engage with and support rough sleepers, as well as comprehend the extent of street homelessness in Sheffield.

Part of their work includes helping rough sleepers find secure accommodations or providing medical help and treatment, along with other services to assist the homeless.

Written by Jiaming Ge

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