Korea Day 2020 due to take place

20 February 2020

The Korean Cultural Centre has partnered with the University of Sheffield Korea Society to launch Korea Day in Sheffield.

The festival will take place on 1 March 2020 in the Octagon Centre, with the focus on spreading Korean culture in foreign places.

Sol Lee, 23, the head coordinator, said: “Contemporary Korean culture is growing in popularity around the globe, but I think we often forget to consider more traditional aspects of Korea. Through Korea Day we hope to offer people in Sheffield who are interested in K-pop and Korean dramas, the opportunity to learn more about Korea by combining contemporary and traditional aspects of Korean culture into one festival.”

The festivities include a group of professionals flown into the UK to perform a Silla ensemble. The 40 minute performance of traditional Korean music will feature instruments such as a daegeum (bamboo flute), and a haugeum (a fiddle-like string instrument).

Jisung Park, 22, the publicity coordinator, said: “It is a great opportunity to provide a chance for people here to experience a culture different from their own. Even though the event will be too short to cover everything about Korean culture, people can enjoy what they have indirectly experienced via TV or YouTube e.g. K-pop.”

The Korean Culture Centre will provide the necessary equipment to run ‘experience booths.’ Among these booths are a professionally run calligraphy area, a skin care brand, and a traditional handicraft group.

The event is open to the public and will also feature student performers from the University of Sheffield.

Lois Bebbington, 23, the lead coordinator, said: “I think Korea Day is such a wonderful opportunity for us here in England to experience Korean Culture. The importance of it is to allow people, especially students, to stay open minded and celebrate diversity in Sheffield.”

Image: Korean Culture Centre


Written by Chloe Chioy

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