Pianist David Greilsammer returns to Sheffield as part of his International tour

Mr Greilsammer was invited by the University of Sheffield where he will be performing tonight at 07.30pm at Firth Hall.

The concert took inspiration from the labyrinth found in Greek mythology, which is symbolic of audacity, inner search, transformation, and the possibility to experience unexpected encounters in life.

Mr Greilsammer said: “I have this dream that would come back at many nights, for many years. At some point I felt this dream is so overwhelming so instead of thinking about it, I should probably make a concert of it. To recreate the dream, I took a few years to choose a lot of short pieces to reflect the same things in the labyrinth.

“We are in the 21stcentury, classical music needs to adventure, it cannot stay in the past all the time. It has to offer something new and that is what I am trying to do. Many people think classical music is for old people but it is actually an exciting experience to join the concern.”

Mr Greilsammer has performed in numerous concert halls and festivals worldwide, such as in London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Tokyo.

He is now holding his world tour and his next stop is Geneva in Switzerland. An album about this programme is also coming out.

He said: “A traditional and classical concert will not hear this kind of programme normally, the format, intensity and choice of pieces are all different. I think people who love classical music but want to experience something unusual will have the opportunity to enjoy.”

If you would like to join Mr Greilsammer on his musical voyage, please visit https://classicalsheffield.org.uk/events/2020/david-greilsammer-labyrinth for tickets and more details.

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