South Yorkshire Police plan to re-open Edlington Police Station

20 February 2020

South Yorkshire Police have announced Edlington Police Station will re-open later this month after residents reveal they are living in fear and their lives are being made a misery. 

This comes after one family claimed their home had been hijacked by gun-toting and axe wielding thugs.

Having listened to the community’s concerns about the area, Ch Supt Shaun Morley has now committed additional resources to ensure a visible and dedicated police presence for Edlington.

He said: “Neighbourhood policing is a key part of our long-term strategy for Doncaster, and across South Yorkshire. Now that I have access to additional resources for the borough it’s right they are reinvested into the areas that need it the most.

 “With a policing team at the centre of Edlington village, we can continue to build on the work we have already started. We’ve chosen Edlington as the first area to benefit from its own community team because of the policing need there, particularly in terms of antisocial behaviour issues.”

The police station was closed 12 years ago as a cost saving measure.

Talking to the Doncaster Free Press last year, Chief Constable, Stephen Watson, said: “The folk of Edlington have had to put up with too much crime and too much anti-social behaviour.

“We have been very active in this area but we need to do more and this is a symbol of our commitment to our communities locally.”

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “The new police station will be a modern building, in keeping with other public buildings in Doncaster town centre. We shall work closely with Doncaster Council and the elected members to achieve this.

“I have asked for the new station to be one of the greenest in the country. It will make an important contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint of the force.”

The Mini Police, a scheme to actively engage youngsters within policing, will be taking part in a Speedwatch exercise following the official opening of the station at 11am, 24 February.

This will be followed with a day of community engagement with mounted police, off-road bikes, a pop-up police station at Warmsworth library and much more.

Written by Jiaming Ge

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