Storm Dennis postpones free arts festival

20 February 2020

The FreeDome festival, which was due to start this morning, beginning with an art workshop, has been called off due to Storm Dennis.

It is hoped, weather depending, the event will now begin tomorrow.

Jennifer Reynolds, a spokesperson for the FreeDome festival, said: “Unfortunately, due to the high winds we are not able to open the Dome today.

“This is of course incredibly disappointing, but we have to keep safety as a paramount concern.”

FreeDome’s programme of events has been organised by Good Chance, in collaboration with Sheffield Theatres.

The charity builds temporary theatres in areas with a high number of refugees, bringing together local and international musicians, poets, dancers and painters to highlight the positive impacts of migration.

The Good Chance Dome has previously been to Paris, New York and London.

Mali Siloko, Assistant Producer of FreeDome, said: “FreeDome is an act of solidarity. We’re trying to create unity between people who, outside of the festival, may not cross paths.”

The festival, scheduled to run until Sunday at Barker’s Pool, Sheffield, is located in front of the City Hall.

Ms Siloko said: “The dome acts as a place of hope where immigrant and local communities can interact through art and creativity. The forging of relationships in the dome across different cultural backgrounds is really amazing to watch.”

Supporting the event, John Tomlinson, a Producer at Sheffield Theatres, said: “Sheffield was the first City of Sanctuary, so to be able to encourage participation in projects for those who have migrated here and to celebrate welcome is really important to us.”

All events are free and no advanced booking is required. To see the programme of upcoming events, visit


Written by Melanie Rawson

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