Castlegate recognised as one of the most significant regeneration opportunities in the North of England

27 February 2020

Castlegate has been recognised as one of the best regenerated zones in the north after a new surge project in this area.

The new developments involve plenty of creations, including the transformation of the old town hall into apartments, cafes and open-air markets.

The empty shoe store next to Wilko will be reopened for art use, and the former Tap and Barrel under Lady’s Bridge is under renovation.

Alexis Krachai, one of the founding directors of the Sheffield Property Association, said: “The area around Castlegate is one of the most significant regeneration opportunities in the North of England. New life is being breathed into the Old Town Hall, Kollider and more and more of the buildings in the surrounding area are being regenerated.

“The area is getting busier and new businesses are popping up all of the time. With the river, good transport links and historic ruins, Castlegate has all of the ingredients needed to once again be one of the most exciting places to live, work and visit in the city.”

The ‘Welcome to Castlegate’ bridge at the top of Haymarket has been painted by the owners of B&M bargains to make the upper floors for leisure use.

This surge of projects shows great  interest in creating one of Sheffield’s most exciting areas. Everything seems to be possible and changing fast in Castlegate.

Kevin Thompson, 56, living in Sheffield, said: “A welcome addition that has required a revamp for decades. Pity things haven’t moved quicker, but much needed. The area is scruffy and unwelcoming, this should improve the link to high street. Some improvement King Street wouldn’t amiss either.

David Evans, 70, a retired man shopping in the Heron Foods near Castlegate, said: “I’m not quite interested in it but there’s still a lot to be improved.Many shops are empty which seems to be a waste of public facilities.

“The shopping environment here needs to be developed.There are too many student accommodations in Sheffield. And they decrease my passion for shopping.”

Written by Peijun Jiang

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