Sheffield people invited to buy coffee for strangers

A worldwide movement has arrived in Sheffield encouraging people to buy strangers a cup of coffee.

A suspended coffee is the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it, no matter why.

Martha Brown, the owner of Forge Bakehouse on Abbeydale Road said: “We want to deliver kindness rather than just donating. 

“People come to grab a coffee and may buy anything from our menu to those they do not know, then we will take receipts of that kind of suspended food and put it on the window, waiting to be used by someone who needs it

“Anyone can grab a ticket, take it to the counter and get that food for free.This is a way for our customers to pay kindness forward to others in the community.

Sheffield Forge Bakehouse was set up in November 2012, but it has been running the suspended coffee since December 2018. 

This Suspended Coffee original idea was born on 27 March 2013 and spread to the world’s cities and towns. 

There are more than 442 coffee shops in the UK joining this kind movement.

It’s also possible to order not only coffee but also a sandwich or a full low cost meal in those Sheffield shops.

Ernest Chen, 23, working on Solly Street, said:“ This is my first time hearing about this idea, but it sounds great.I always lack time joining charity, this is a fantastic chance for me to do something. 

“I don’t mind if it is for the homeless or people who cannot afford a cup of coffee because someone might forget their wallets and suspended coffee can help them.Hope there will be more coffee shops doing this.” 

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