Sheffield Theatres launches Sunflower Lanyards scheme

27 February 2020

Theatre complex Sheffield Theatres has launched the Hidden Disability Sunflower Lanyard scheme.

The scheme, now adopted by the Crucible, the Lyceum, and the Studio theatre, uses lanyards as a way to let theatre goers and stuff know that the wearer has a hidden disability. This is in hopes that this will bring about some additional assistance from both staff members and customers alike.

Dan Bates, Chief Executive of Sheffield Theatres said: “We’re so proud to be implementing the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme to ensure everyone can have the best possible experience when visiting our theatres.”

Mr. Bates went on to say that hopefully this new scheme will open up conversation between their staff and customers who might require additional support.

He said: “It will enable us to continue learning how to make our buildings, our shows and our approach more accessible for everyone.”

First launched at Gatwick Airport in May 2016, the scheme has now been adopted in the UK by most of the major airport, supermarket and railway companies, as well as in the NHS.

Each day, many more organisations are joining the scheme.

Written by Eva Ambler-Thomas

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