Staff and students self-isolate themselves due to Coronavirus fears

27 February 2020

A school in Doncaster has told staff and pupils who attended a half-term trip in Italy to self-isolate themselves for two weeks due to coronavirus fears.

Hall Cross Academy is one among three schools taking measures against the virus, following Don Valley academy and McAuley Catholic High School.

Nickie Reeve, 33, is a parent of a child who attends Hall Cross Academy and said: “I finds it concerning that the children who have been on the Italy trip were back at school yesterday.

“They weren’t going to send the students home at all until my friend got advice from 111 and spoke to the school.”

The symptoms take 2 to 14 days to show after exposure, and the Doncaster local fears that there may be a risk as those who returned have already mingled with the rest of the school.

She said: “I was told by school they were following government guidelines and not shutting the school down and I don’t find this very reassuring”

The Academy has released a letter on their website, where they state that they “have no confirmed cases of coronavirus amongst any members of the school community and the above action [self isolation of staff and students] has been taken as a precaution.”

Oliver Temperton, 19, is an ex student who agrees with the Academy’s actions. He said: “The chances are pretty high of these people being okay, but they’re just doing what they can to protect other students and staff, I think it’s better for the students to stay safe.

“I think a lot of younger students will probably make the situation worse by making jokes about the issue online.”

Professor Keith Willet, NHS strategic incident director for coronavirus, said: “We’ve seen in communities across the country a calm response to confirmed and potential cases of coronavirus.”

“This will continue to be important as more of us might need to self-isolate for a time, to protect ourselves, our families and the community.”

If you are concerned that you have symptoms, call NHS 111 for advice and stay inside.


Written by Sama Ansari Pour

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