Toddler bloc organised to urge university management to pay attention to work intensification

27 February 2020




As UCU strikes continues, a toddler bloc was organised by UCU Sheffield Hallam.

The teachers and lecturers brought their child to express dissatisfactions over workload intensification impacting their time to spend with their families.

Peter Jones, 60, Reader of the Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) said: “We are fighting here not just for ourselves and for our bank balance

“We see ourselves fighting for our future for the future of young people, university sector and doing the best possible service to our young people and their future. It is a community issue.”

Camila Bassi, 43, Senior lecturer of SHU feels the dire need to exert pressure to the management to listen to what teacher needs.

“Disputes around workload intensification has detrimental effect on staff’s health. We would like the management to listen to our genuine concerns and resolve the disputes.”



Written by Aaron Chan

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