Volunteering groups to run cleanup after storm Dennis

Volunteering groups are working on cleanup sessions, following the disruption by storms in the past two weeks.

River Stewardship Company, joined with Sheffield Volunteering, is to clean up the debris left after storm Ciara and storm Dennis on 14 March.

This is one of their one-off reactive events to deal with the effects of the recent storms besides regular volunteer days, which run every other Tuesday in Sheffield under the Lower Don Valley flood defence scheme and every Friday in Leeds under the Flood Alleviation Scheme. 

Sara Blackburn, Riverlution Manager of  River Stewardship Company said: “Volunteers will go down on the bank by a ladder and will use litter picks to remove plastic and debris from the bank, plus that caught in the trees, and we will also look at setting up a camera trap to look at what wildlife uses the river. Volunteers can take on any of these tasks and get stuck in.”

River Stewardship Company also partners with companies through their social impact initiative Riverlution. Last Tuesday, they ran a cleanup with Gripple Riverside who donated over 150 hours of staff time to remove 2.1 tonnes or rubbish, tyres and large debris from the river opposite their offices.

Sustrans Rangers Sheffield, a volunteer group looking after the National Cycle Network in Sheffield, is organising a cleanup session on 7 March around the Tinsley Park Road area. It is a recurring trouble-spot with fly-tipping and the results of anti-social behaviour are often in evidence. As they mainly perform light maintenance tasks, Sheffield Cycle Council and their contractors, Amey are usually in charge when it involves huge clearing-ups after flooding.

According to the rangers who monitor the cycling routes, there’s a section that has been totally destroyed on the Five Weirs Walk, which is going to take at least a year to restore. Some other sections are flooded but people can generally get around them.

Anyone who’s interested in taking part can find more information on the event page and all relevant equipment will be provided. 

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