Plans have been submitted to reduce the number of incidents at a Sheffield accident blackspot

5 March 2020

The busy spot at the Woodhead Road/Hill Street junction with Bramall Lane has had 21 recorded injury accidents between 2012 and 2018.

In response to this, an Accident Reduction Scheme has been proposed by the Sheffield City Council for Woodhead Road and Bramall Lane.

The council has developed a scheme to improve safety in line with their road improvements and requests. They plan to do this by simplifying the junction interactions in this area by closing off the end of Woodhead Road and Hill Street at its junction with Bramall Lane.
The scheme also proposes to introduce a prohibition of driving order for motor vehicles.

Douglas Johnson, a councillor for the Green Party for City Ward, tweeted: “Works now underway to make this dangerous junction on Bramall Lane safer.” The tweet was accompanied by an image of road works.

Changes therefore will need to be applied to the area according to the scheme, such as additional peak hour waiting and loading restrictions as well as the current uncontrolled parking sections of Harewood Street being replaced with Pay and Display Bays, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 4pm.

Twitter uses have taken to the platform to voice their concerns about the dangerous blackspot.

Timewalk Project tweeted: “Frequently seen people knocked off their bicycle on Bramall Lane and countless car accidents at roundabout.”

The scheme says it will improve the pedestrian route on the Western side of Bramall Lane.

Written by Madeleine Gill

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