A generous ten-year-old boy, born with half a heart, is determined to boost other poorly children this Easter by donating chocolate eggs to Yorkshire hospitals. 

Harri Parker, from Killamarsh, donated nearly 2000 Easter eggs last year but is determined to break his record next month. 

The kind youngster came up with the idea to boost other children’s morale after spending his whole life in and out of hospital, suffering from a life limiting congenital heart condition.

Harri decided to lift other poorly kids spirits by donating small gifts and chocolate treats to patients at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice .

Last Easter, he collected 1984 chocolate eggs, donated from people across Sheffield.

Harri’s Mum, Jeni Parker, said: “I’m so proud of him. He just comes up with these crazy ideas. He’s turned my bedroom into a freezer. I can’t have the heater on because of all the Easter eggs.

“It makes him happy doing it and he likes to put a smile on peoples faces, so it’s worth it.”

 Over the last week alone, Harri has collected 300 eggs.  Despite his own ill health, Harri wanted to sleep out in an event to support the homeless at St. Wilfrid’s Centre next week, but due to his young age, the determined youngster will be camping out in his own garden,  with a live video link direct to Bramall lane.

Harri has already raised nearly £300 for the centre, via his JustGiving page

If you would like to donate a chocolate egg  you can deliver them to any of the four different drop-off points which you can find on here.

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