Sheffield Vegan Festival set to take over the Moor

5 March 2020

Over 50 vegan stalls are expected to set up shop on the pedestrianised high street this Sunday the 7th March.

Food stalls will dominate the market with other stalls such as charities and ethical clothing brands also being visible on the day. The event runs from 10:30-4pm and is one of only a few vegan markets that take place on the Sheffield Moor each year.

Stall owner, Michael Aarons, 43, said: “Being on the Moor, people walking through Sheffield are forced to see all this vegan food and different vegan products. We get loads of people who come up to tell us how surprised they are with what they taste and see. I think it really helps to show people vegans aren’t just these hippies, it normalises us.”

The event is organised by Vegan Markets UK who have set up similar events all around the country. Traders from Sheffield and all over South Yorkshire will make up the market, which is expected to stretch down most of Sheffield’s main high street.

Attendance is expected to be high with over 1500 people usually turning up to the vegan stalls and 6000 have shared their interest on Facebook. Traders will be hoping that the footfall is still high and that the expected bad weather does not put punters off.

Last minute applications are still open for anyone wanting to get a position on the market. Applications for a stall/market space can be found here:

Written by Finn Byrne

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