‘Take back our buses’ fight local union group

Sheffield members have launched a union campaign to take back community buses.

The Acorn Union took to Sheffield streets yesterday to spread awareness about the South Yorkshire bus crisis.

The group is currently targeting a petition called ‘take back our buses’ at Dan Jarvis, the Sheffield city regional mayor. The group want to force him down and introduce publicly owned bus services, subsequently giving the people more control on buses in Sheffield.

Acorn representative, Michael Scarborough, 26, Pearson Place said: “we need to set our own routes and prices, making sure that the buses work in the interest of the people rather than just making profits for First and Stagecoach.”

Currently private companies control South Yorkshire’s bus networks, dictating prices, routes and timetables. This has supposedly led to a substantial decrease in passengers, a large increase in prices and a shrink in services.

Acorn is a community union that originated in Bristol 5 years ago. Since, they have expanded to be in loads of cities all across the country, such as: Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Brighton and more.

Another Acorn Representative, Matthew Dwyer 28, Khalem Island explained: “We are similar to what trade unions are in the workplace, but we stand for the community and defend our members.”

The group representatives visit communities in Sheffield by door knocking and enquiring on any issues they may be facing within their area. The aim is to gather the local people together to resolve these issues. Members chip in a little bit of time and money each month and produce campaigns.

These issues can be anything from individual landlords not sorting out problems with dampness, broken furniture or trying to steal deposits to larger issues like bringing privately owned companies back into the public domain.

Acorn resolve these issues by getting in contact with banks, creating petitions and talking to council and local government to try and change policy.



Written by Emily Milne

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