Two New Baby Llamas Are Welcomed To The Family At Graves Park Animal Farm

As the main breeding season approaches, two baby llamas were born last week with one llama still yet to give birth.

Jack Tankard, 24, head stockman at the farm, said: “The llamas have been a huge attraction with all the public. Everybody absolutely loves them.”

“Usually with llamas, once the first one gives birth they usually follow after. They all look after each other’s babies as well so they’re all aunties, they suckle off each other.”

At the animal park, Easter is their busiest time of the year. There are over 50 sheep waiting to give birth and 15 calves that are due to give birth at the end of March. The park, which was developed between 1926 and 1936, is expected to average between 60 to 100 lambs and around 50 chicks at Easter.

Mr Tankard said: “We’ve got a competition on Facebook to help name them. We’ve only had the llamas for a few years so what we want to do is grow the park and grow the llama population so we can do llama trekking.”

Alongside these new additions, the animal park has other animals such as donkeys and two Shetland ponies called Twinkle and Sprinkle.

There are just under 400 animals at Graves Park Animal Farm and with goats expecting kids as well, Easter is set to be an extremely busy time.

Mr Tankard said: “We’re not meant to have favourites but Easter is our favourite time of the year. Just seeing all the new-born animals, it’s a nice time.’
The two new little llamas are going to be the first to be halter trained for llama trekking.

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