Jessop Wing makes it possible for partners to be in 12 and 20 week scans


It is now possible for partners to attend 12- and 20-week baby scans at the Jessop Wing of Sheffield Teaching Hospital.

The hospital redesigned their facilities to enable partners or a nominated support person to attend the 12-week first pregnancy scan and the 20 week anomaly scan at Jessop Wing from today thanks to the hard work of the maternity team.

They have also created additional space and routes through the scan department to enable appropriate social distancing and also introduced additional infection control measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to these measures that have been put in place, the Jessop Wing is asking that are asking that the visitors follow another set of rules. These are:

  • Do not attend if you are unwell or have any symptoms which could be COVID-19.
  • You and your partner both wear a face covering or mask during the scan appointment.
  • You both wash/gel your hands upon entry to and exit from the Jessop Wing.
  • You both maintain social distancing in line with current government guidelines.
  • Your partner will need to leave after the scan and wait outside while the rest of the maternity appointment takes place unless there are exceptional circumstances you have agreed with the Matron in advance.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not able to accompany people to appointments.

Despite this, members of the public are criticizing this announcement saying that other hospitals have been doing this for a while and Jessop is very late coming to this decision.

One commenter said: “It’s a shame so many of us missed out on this support”.

Katie-Lea Taylor, 32, said: “I dont ever think it should have been taken away from dads in the first place, why are they less important just because the woman carries the baby.

However many others are just happy to finally have this service is available for to expecting parents.

A facebook commenter said: “That’s great, can’t change what happened before sadly. But least it’s allowed now.”

Written by Victoria Agwu

Trainee Journalist at the University of Sheffield

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