‘Keep em peeled’ Sheffield Director of public health warns against fraudsters offering vaccines

11 February 2021

Members of the public have been contacted by fraudsters over email and text message claiming that they can offer vaccines after asking for bank details. 

Sheffield Director of public health, Greg Fell, received a text requesting his bank details in order to book a vaccination. 

He said: “Vaccinations are free – you will never ever be asked for your bank details to book a vaccination.”

“So if you get a text or are contacted by anybody asking for your bank details immediately delete the text because it is a scam.”

In the UK the vaccine is only available from the NHS. You will be contacted by the NHS when it is your turn to receive the jab.

You will never be asked to prove your identity by sending private personal documents such as a driving license, passport or payslip. 

In January 2021 Government figures announced that more people in Sheffield were now vaccinated against Covid-19 than having tested positive for the virus. 

At the time of writing, 1.7 million people have had the Covid-19 vaccine in Yorkshire.


Written by Pia Cooper

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