Mum and 8-year-old daughter start their own clothing boutique during lockdown

11 February 2021

A mother from Sheffield has started her own clothing boutique with her daughter during lockdown, selling women’s and girls’ clothes.

Emily Mallender (28) and her daughter Ruby Mallender (8) have started their own women’s and girls’ clothing boutique from scratch inside their home.

‘Ruby’s Boutique’, based in S20, was started during the first national lockdown in 2020 and plan to launch their website this week.

Mrs Mallender said: “I was working from home and homeschooling Ruby during one of the lockdowns last year and we started talking about what she’d want to do when she grows up and what goes into running a business.

“I said ‘why don’t we start one?’ So she can see exactly what happens with the marketing & customer service etc.

Mrs Mallender is an award-winning, part-time business coach and international speaker who as well as Ruby, has another 4-year-old daughter to look after at home.

“School doesn’t teach you how to start, run and grow a business but I work as a business coach so thought it’d be good to show her.”

Ruby enjoying helping out with packaging orders for delivery


She added: “Our vision is to help empower women of all ages/shapes & sizes to feel unapologetically confident & beautiful in what they wear & how they feel.”

Although Ruby’s Boutique hasn’t been able to deliver a walk-in experience, the business has made international orders, with plenty of 5* reviews.

Since the Facebook page was launched in July of last year, it has racked up over 1,900 followers and 1,800 likes.

Mrs Mallender said: “Even though we can’t open because of lockdown, our website launches next week. If anyone fancies following/supporting our journey & coming to browse once we are allowed to open our door you’re more than welcome to – we would love to see you!”


To get involved and support Ruby’s boutique:

Written by Kieran Aubrey

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