Chinese New Year celebrations take place online due to COVID-19

18 February 2021

SOUTH YORKSHIRE has banded together virtually to celebrate Chinese New Year through online events and activities organized by the community. 

Popular community centres and organizations have been working hard to celebrate the new year through livestreams on YouTube and Facebook event pages.

Jo Mailer, member of the Rotherham Wah Hong Chinese Association, said: “No matter where in the world you are, we need to encourage and promote the younger generation to upkeep our Chinese history, tradition and culture.”

The Rotherham Wah Hong Chinese Association and Rotherham Borough Council organized an online Facebook event to showcase children preforming traditional Chinese instruments like the guzheng and Chinese pop dance routines. 

Jo Mailer, said: “Everyone truly enjoyed it and I feel very proud and privileged to have worked with these amazing, talented kids.” 

The Spring Festival Gala, an annual Chinese New Year event held in the Sheffield City Hall, has been moved online this year due to COVID-19 guidelines.

Acts from across the world contributed towards the online gala, with performances from famous Chinese singers such as Yuanzi Fei and the National Orchestra of Nanjing University.  

Sheffield Lord Mayor Tony Downing, said: “We have a very thriving Chinese community, who I know do so much to make Sheffield the multicultural city that it is today.” 

The Sheffield Lion Dance Team, were forced to cancel their new year show due to the pandemic. The team are already preparing for celebrations to take place next year.

Senior member and choreographer Carl Ngo, said: “Culture and art is what makes us human. To strive forward, we must appreciate past traditions.” 

The team takes over a month to plan a stage show routine and several months to rehearse. The team members work together to intertwine martial arts with their dance moves. 

Carl Ngo, said: “Celebrating Spring Festival whilst performing Lion Dancing brings happiness to our community. It is an expression of our joy and connected spirit.” 

Written by Yen Linh Le

Trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield. Interested in all things to do with the community

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