Covid Crackdowns in Page Hall

18 February 2021

OFFICERS CONTINUE TO TACKLE anti-social behaviour and breaches of Covid-19 regulations in Page Hall while being accompanied by partner agencies and community groups on Friday the 12th.

Acting Police Sgt, Alistair Stainstreet, co-ordinating the operation, said: “Friday was a really productive day for us, it was fantastic to be on the streets with the full support of the local authority.

“We know people want to see change in Page Hall but as the police we can only tackle so much, we’ve made headway already, but it’s vital that we have and maintain a partnership approach.”

South Yorkshire Police has also been working closely with Sheffield City Council’s street wardens to help resolve environmental issues such as waste, noise nuisance, and fly-tipping.

The Page Hall team police were found in October 2020 to help with environmental issues such as waste, noise nuisance, fly-tipping and housing concerns.

A combined approach in dealing with issues in Page Hall has been effective as they can share information on a range of issues in the area.

James Richard, Community Service Manager for Page Hall said: “We have made some good progress and this partnership approach in dealing with issues and tackling problems will be the first of many in the area.”

Whilst police officers are regularly carrying on enforcement operations and days of action, Friday was the first involving a full partnership approach.

On Friday night, officers served eleven Fixed penalty Notices for breaches of Covid regulations after a group of men were found to be gathering in a shisha lounge.

Written by Isla Swords

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