A Final Tribute for the NHS worker dedicated her life today

Beloved NHS worker Jenny Stone sourced: Facebook: Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT & Royal Primary Care

A beloved NHS worker is to be given a beautiful final journey before her funeral following her death from coronavirus.

Jenny Stone, who had recently turned 60, died from Coronavirus after she moved to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals as part of her career.

Jenny had previously worked for 30 years at Chesterfield Royal Hospital in the facilities team and passed away there on Saturday, February 6th.

Her funeral will be held today, Thursday, February 25th.

In an online post, Chesterfield Royal Hospital said: “It was Jenny’s wish, supported by her family, that she would visit us one last time.
“She will therefore come here ahead of her funeral service, and she will be driven around the site in order that staff can line the route to say their final farewells.

“The flag outside the Main Entrance will be flown at half-mast in tribute to a lady who was not just our colleague, but our friend.

“As you can imagine it will mean a lot to staff to be able to pay this tribute as we cannot attend the funeral due to COVID number restrictions.

“We would also like to support her children at this dreadful time – and we hope that it will give them some comfort to see how much their Mum meant to her work family.

“Please be aware that if you are attending the hospital tomorrow for an appointment this may be happening during your visit.
“Traffic may be slower around the site and though social distanced, there may be more people around. We are grateful for your support at this time.”

Jenny will be driven in through the residence entrance and will turn left past the Eye Centre, round past the Den, Ed Centre and past NGS.
She will then travel past the estates bungalows and round the front of Hartington and leave via the junction.

Tragically she left three children, James, Lorna and Jake behind as well as a one-year-old grandson, Bobby, as well as siblings David, Paul and Sue.

Jenny’s family have set up a JustGiving page which you can donate to here:


Written by Hannah Fulcher

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