Popular vintage shop ‘Cow’ shut down in Sheffield city centre

25 February 2021

The latest loss to our high street is Cow, a thrift store loved by students and a favourite among all vintage shoppers.

The branch, located on 156-160 West Street was popular for their 100% ethically sourced vintage and reworked garments from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 00’s.

Across the competitive network of vintage shops in Sheffield city centre, Cow has always been a front runner with one of the best selections of sustainable fashion at affordable prices.

Popular vintage shop shut down on West Street

In a Facebook post addressing their customers, the owners said: “You will always be our lil cowboys and cowgirls and we will miss all the lovely customers that have supported us throughout the years, we are forever grateful.

“We’re staying optimistic for the future and hopefully we will back again, but for now, this is goodbye.”

The economic backlash from the past year has hit Sheffield city centre where other valued independent businesses like Sheffield Scene have been forced to shut down.

Iconic Sheffield shop ‘no longer viable’ due to coronavirus pandemic

However, a representative for Cow has said: “We can confirm that the closure was due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ that are nothing to do with COVID-19 or lockdown.”

“We are not allowed to disclose any other information at this time because it is still really raw for the company.”

The Cow branch in Sheffield was one of the original ‘We are Cow’ stores and has been on West Street for over 10 years.

Cow has closed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’

Carly Bown, 20, a student from Sheffield, who regularly shopped at Cow in pre-COVID times, said: “It’s a massive shame to see that Cow is shutting down and it’s a huge loss for the vintage shopping scene in Sheffield. It will be missed by a lot of students”

“It shows that our small and independent businesses need lots of support when they reopen because they are what makes our city unique and quirky.”

Recent years have seen a shift in consumer mentality in the fashion industry whereby lots of shoppers are now more concerned about the origins of their clothes and the sustainability of their wardrobes.

In line with current global climate commitments, buying second hand from thrift stores instead of buying into fast fashion trends through online retailers will make a big difference in our ability to meet climate targets.

The survival of vintage and thrift shops is also vitally important for the protection of Sheffield’s high streets and the jobs of local people.

Written by Charlotte Crompton

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