Save Plot 22- A bid to save Sheffield’s hospitality industry

There has been a warning that South Yorkshire’s hospitality businesses are only just ‘clinging on’ through the pandemic.

Sheffield Council is urging the government to do more to support the hospitality and entertainment industries.

Among the many venues at risk is ‘Plot 22’ which is one of 30 venues in the UK identified by MVT as being at risk of permanent closure as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

RiteTrax, a social enterprise, supporting aspiring creatives, vulnerable adults and young people through hosting music events and workshops.

In 2015, RiteTrax took their social enterprise to a flexible art space on Exchange Street called ‘Plot 22’, a space where they promote underground music events with the provision of affordable event space.

Despite the threat that Plot 22 faces as a result of this pandemic, 5 young Music Promotion students from the University of Sheffield are doing their part to save our hospitality industry with their campaign Save Plot 22 – a fundraising concert for the struggling venue.

Hannah Youds, 20, from Cheshire is one of the 5 hosts and founders of the fundraising event.

“We set this event up completely from scratch ourselves and it has a special place in our hearts. We have gotten to know all the acts really well and they feel as passionately as we do about helping this venue.

Grass root venues are so important to artists as they act as a platform to help them receive more recognition from people. They are equally important to fans of music, as they provide intimate performing spaces that make for a great gig and atmosphere.” Youds said.

The students have already raised £110 on ‘GoFundMe’ for the venue.

In regards to the stream, Miss Youds said: “I personally feel very excited to watch it. It’s been a long time coming and it’s taken a lot of time and effort to organise. We started planning it in October and we’re finally ready to show it to everyone now.”

Co-host, Olivia Redfern said “The support we’ve gained is already way past our expectations. We can’t wait for the concert.”

The Save Plot 22 concert stream will launch at 6pm on Saturday the 27th of February on YouTube.

Link to their GoFundMe:

Concert Line up



Written by Mediah Ruby Hashmi

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