Yorkshire Museum trends on Twitter after callout for autocorrect responses

A museum found itself trending on Twitter after its callout for autocorrect responses attracted hundreds of replies.

The Yorkshire Museum’s post, asking people to let their phones finish the sentence “The Yorkshire Museum is”, reached over 200,000 people and had over 10,000 engagements.

They say they hope it will lead to more visits when they open, since 70 percent of their income is from visitors and the lockdown has hit them hard.

Millie, from the museum, said: “We didn’t expect it to trend, but we know our followers are playful and always up for a little fun to brighten a Wednesday afternoon.

“Although the vast majority of the time our content is linked to our wonderful objects, yesterday we decided was the right time to have a little random fun and we loved seeing the response.”

She said the museum’s favourite replies included: “The Yorkshire Museum is a great place to leave the parcel outside of the door to”, “The Yorkshire Museum is a good place for a beer delivery”, and “The Yorkshire Museum is the first place in the world to be a daft idea.”

Some of the other responses included: “The Yorkshire Museum is the sound of the main dance floor fillers and it has been a nightmare” and “The Yorkshire Museum is the first place in the cabinet of curiosities of all time.”

Other ways they’ve kept busy over lockdown include playing Would I Lie To You with the objects and posting funny museum clickbait.

The museum has asked anyone who enjoyed the content to consider donating to them and said on their website: “For 2021, we want to look forward and to open more of our venues when it is safe to do so. By sharing art, culture, stories, and history, we can change lives through the inspiration our collections offer.”

Featured image credit: Kaly99, labelled for reuse under this Creative Commons License


Written by Jake Loader

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