£30,000 Worth of Paracetamol Stolen from Sleeping Lorry Driver

Police are appealing for information after thieves targeted the vehicle containing large amounts of the painkiller in Dodworth, Barnsley.

They believe the attack happened sometime between midnight and 5:30am on 9 March.

A large quantity of Galpharm Paracetamol was taken from the back of the lorry.

Detective Inspector Tom Woodard said: “We are asking the public to be vigilant and aware of this incident. If you are suspicious of anybody selling these paracetamols in large quantities, please let us know immediately and do not buy them.”

“The unique batch numbers, PYA0050A and PYA0051A, are written on the boxes. The remainder of these batches are set to be destroyed so that the only ones in circulation now will be the stolen ones.”

Paracetamol with unique batch numbers

“The tablets are in big boxes which contain more than you could buy over the counter. If you are offered any for sale please let us know.”

Written by Nat Williams

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