Today is the first-ever national City Farm Day!

25 March 2021

Today the nation celebrates its first-ever City Farm Day which aims to give thanks to urban-social and community-focused farms, and the role they play in bringing people together.

The celebrations span across the country with over 50 city farms being included. 

Social Farms & Gardens, a UK-wide charity supporting communities and farms, encourages people to share what City Farming means to them using the hashtag CityFarmDay on social media.

On BBC Breakfast, Amber from Social Farms & Gardens said they provide for the urgent need for fresh food, especially at food banks.

She added that funders have increased their resources to allow more food growth in Vauxhall City Farm who has implemented a new garden area and Woodlands Farm Trust who has dedicated two acres of land. 

Social Farms & Gardens teaches residents how to grow their own food by providing packs of seeds and soil so children can grow tomatoes on windowsills at home. 

She said: “That combination of fun, nature, food growing, health, and wellbeing has been really important for local communities.

“People can use the hashtag to see which animals are local to them, what plants are growing, and also connect City Farms to each other.”

“During the lockdown, one thing technology has really done is helped all our City Farms across the UK learn from each other, and learn how to take care of their communities even better than they already do.”

Social Farms & Gardens believes in helping people reach their full potential through nature-based activities. 

They prioritise improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the environment. 

The charity is involved in campaigning to fund projects, providing expert advice on sustainability, and giving training programmes to grassroots organisations.

If you would like to donate to support, feel free to use this link:

Written by Monique Wong

Student Journalist at The University of Sheffield

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