Mosques in China are Being Turned Into Airbnbs

29 March 2021

The Chinese region of Xinjiang has been propelled into the global spotlight after it was discovered some of their historic mosques have been converted into Airbnbs to increase local economic growth.

Yining, in the north-west end of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region XUAR, has also witnessed many ancient architectural buildings and Uighur courtyards being transformed into modern-style buildings.

This has caused conflict across different ethnic groups, with many showing concerns their religious and culturally significant sites are being eradicated, eliminating a huge part of their diverse history and traditional customs.

In a bid to protect their region and culture, local entrepreneurs are expanding an enterprise zone to sell their traditional crafts and create job opportunities for the community.



Mosques in China being turned into Airbnbs

Written by Yuxuan Wang

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