Men’s Cycling Club in Sheffield has been launched this week

A new cycling initiative has been launched in the city, in a collaboration between ShipShape Health and Wellbeing Centre and CyclingUK  Sheffield.

Thomas Payton-Greene from ShipShape Health and Wellbeing Centre said: “Men’s Cycling Club is an accessible and inclusive weekly bike ride for men in the community.

“Anyone is welcome to join, it doesn’t matter what ability or confidence level, we will work to make it accessible and hopefully build up people’s confidence so that they can join us on our rides around the city.

“The initiative has various benefits. It is important to have consistent and welcoming sessions of all types but especially one where you can get exercise, be social and explore the city. Cycling is very accessible and you can get a lot of when you put a little in.”

Thomas Payton-Greene of ShipShape Health and Wellbeing Centre

He said that ShipShape Health and Wellbeing Centre would not have managed to launch this club without the help of Cycling UK.

He said: “We were approached by Cycling UK and it was a great opportunity that we couldn’t turn down! We are always looking to provide more activities for the people in our community as staying active and social is a key component to health and happiness.

“Rob from CyclingUK helped us secure funds and supported us every step of the way to ensure the group got up and running. They also provided training opportunities for keen volunteers to become ride leaders and bike mechanics!”

The club organised its first ride last Tuesday.

Mr Payton-Greene said: “The ride was amazing, we had about 6 people including myself and Rob from Cycling UK. It was the first session that we invited newcomers and it was a great success with positive feedback. We cycled to Victoria Quays and had a coffee and a chat.

“It was only about four miles from Shipshape to Victoria Quay through the city centre, but there’s lots of interesting stuff to look at on the way.

One attendee really loved it and said he wanted to bring friends next time and train as a ride leader – he also sent me a photo the day after of him out on his bike with a big smile on his face!”

The club has planned more rides in the upcoming weeks,  with weekly rides taking place on Tuesdays at 11am.


Written by Wiktoria Wrzyszcz

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