The Day of Silence: Support The LGBTQ+ Community This Friday

Tomorrow marks a Day of Silence, for the LGBTQ+ community, created to embrace and promote global awareness to try and prevent bullying and harassment within schools.

Originating at the University of Virginia in 1996, the Day of Silence protest has now become a vital part of many people’s pride.

LGBTQ+ rights activist Konrad Juengling, from Portland, Oregon, said: “LGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented in suicides, homelessness, and foster care. Spreading awareness of those facts is incredibly important to try and get equitable policies in place to protect LGBTQ+ students.”

Whilst the day (23 April) is still most popular in the US, many Brits are learning about it and embracing the day to stand in solidarity with their LGBTQ+ allies.

Sheffield Hallam student Connor Littlemore said: “I’ve never heard of the Day of Silence before, but since I’ve learnt about it, I will definitely get more people involved to support my LGBTQ+ friends.”

The purpose of the day is to draw attention to the hatred, oppression and prejudice faced by those in the LGBTQ+ community during their time in education.

Despite the purpose of the day being to display pride for one’s sexuality, some people may feel they cannot participate due to personal circumstances.

Mr Juengling said: “In my high school, I remember students participating in this, but unfortunately, I did not. I was closeted and afraid of what would happen if my parents found out while I was still a minor. Looking back, I try to give myself a little grace and remember we all do the best we can with what we’ve got at the time.”

If you want to get involved and celebrate your pride in Sheffield this year, visit the links down below:

Written by Beth Farrell

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